Welcome To Shayung



Through core business of global customs clearance and transportation; BSM discovered high cost of various mandatory items for human living.  For example, in comparisons to advanced countries such as China; we realized; in majority cases, purchase cost in Tanzania is at least 40% expensive.

It is from the above juncture, a new vertical of Shayung; was introduced in October 2021; in order to supply various items on a reasonably fair price and quality.  

Shayung is a vertical under BSM Global Logistics (T) Ltd, dealing with supply of various items in Tanzania from Turkey, China, India, and Europe, on a very competitive pricing. Shayung supplies at least 70% of daily supplies: general home supplies; electronics (Televisions; Radio, CD Decks, Subwoofers, other accessories, etc); clothes for women, men and kids; shoes of various sizes, styles and brands; mobile phones, laptops, and many more items.

Shayung has signed contracts with several factories in China, which supplies television, clothes and electronics on price-based factory.

Our sell out price is calculated on fairly as follows: Factory Purchase Price + Transportation Cost + Importation Cost into Tanzania (Customs Clearance, Duties and Local Delivery Cost). We further protect maximum mark-up of 2.5% of total cost; and by so doing; we reduce local cost significantly high. 


For example, see pricing of the below items and compare to the local market of Tanzania:


We operate legal. Follow few steps:

  1. Decide requirement, i.e. what item(s) is required
  2. Contact Shayung through mobile or emails to state requirements.
  3. Receive price from Shayung. The price will include all the charges from origin to your doorsteps
  4. Agree on payment Terms. Shayung has four payment terms: 100% full advance, 50% advance, 25% advance, 0% Advance
  5. Confirm the order.
  6. Visit our office – to familiarize with Shayung Staff, sign contract, collects invoice and proof of payment.
  7. Collect the cargo if it is in the warehouse or wait for agreed time to receive your order.
  8. Send feedback and comment our service level


Since the beginning, we have supplied several orders. To mention few; see below pictures and attestations