Tanzania is neighboring six landlocked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and Malawi. Tanzania major ports serves the countries through import in transit customs formalities. BGL are fully equiped on this particular operations, as we have been delivering various consignments such as bitumen, machineries, construction items, spare parts, water pipes, and many more.

We comprehensively handlethe consignments,from quotation stage to overland delivery to consignees.  We handle all customs formalities for transit consignmentsthrough major seaports of Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara to various destinations of the landlocked countries.

BGL transit department is fully equipped for the tasks. The team is capable, experienced, dedicated and always upto the tasks. It is proactive and ahead of the process to ensure smooth operations.

As formalities of world customs, there are mandatory documents required for customs purposes, i.e., Bill of Lading (BL), Commercial Invoice (CI), Packing List (PL) and Agent’s Authorization Letter.Optional documents are plenty, but they vary according to the nature of the cargo and customs entry applied, such as IM4, SW7, SCT, etc.  The optional documents may include, but not limited to, customs entries from destination countries (in case of SCT), various permits and certificates from authorities such as Certificate of Origin, Import Permits, Fumigation Certificate, Quality Certificates, Sanitation Certificate and Dangerous Goods Declaration, to mention a few.

Weguide our clients prior importing through Tanzania to land locked countries.  We table pre-shipping meetings and advisecustoms requirements, operation plan, time plan and paperwork to adhered to. In general, we run clients through Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to avoid last time shock.

We are always ready and ahead of the process to ensure smooth operations

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