BGL offers variety of services that ensures smooth supply chain management. We are licensed to handle
Customs Brokerage in all entrances of Tanzania: Airports, Seaports and Border Posts of Horohoro, Holili,
Namanga, Isebania, Mutukula, Rusumo, Kabanga, Tunduma, Kasumulu and Negomano. The borders
connect Tanzania and neighboring countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, and
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
We also handle Seafreight Cargoes for Import, Export and Transit through Tanzania; Airfreight
Consignments and Overland Transportation of In-Gauge and Over-Sized Cargoes. Furthermore, we have
a dedicated project team that handles Project Logistics. Most important, we have a dedicated Customer
Care team that takes care of client’s requirements.
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