Project Logistics

Project Logistics

this is one of our projects in Mtwara region Tanzania

Project Logistics involves complex supply chain management of everything to do with projects of
constructions, power generation, oil and gas, pipelines, etc. The complexities, starts from tender
submission where relevant comprehensive competitive quotation is a must attachment to win. Once
operational, the project logistics requires proper modus operandi and administration plan of all the
parties (Customs, Shipping lines, Road Regulators Authorities, Government Officials, etc) to ensure
safe and sound deliveries in the right place at the right time.

Think of what it takes transporting entire Oil Rig oil rig from Dubai to remote Mtambaswala, Southern
Tanzania.; or moving 15,000MT Containerized Bitumen from Iraq to the hinterland of Malawi in 60
days. Definitely, these kinds of operations need capable partner that ensures all the parties and
associated paper works in moving voluminous, large, heavy, expensive, and even hazardous items
around the world, sometimes to hard-to-reach locations; is achieved.

At BGL, we have a specialized project team with over 20 years of experience. We have handled
several notable projects such as road constructions, power generations, power substation and Gas
Pipeline, to mention few in various parts of the world, etc. The team is therefore dedicated and
capable to handle projects from an onset: issuance of competitive tendering quotations, getting
items ready, arranging transportation via sea, air or land freight, storage, onwards travel and
unloading at the destination. Where particularly heavy loads are concerned, we will bring in the most
specialist equipments for the job.


This is recently finalized Oil& Gas Project that involved Export of Oil Rig from Mtambaswala, Southern Tanzania to UAE. The Oil Rig was dismantled to: containerized, lose, in-gauge and over-size loads. The entire cargo was 7,500 MT equivalent to 12,500 CBM; which were transported on 278 truckloads in 5 days.

BGL scope was limited to administration of verification of lifting points, loading & transportation to Mtwara Port; and co-ordinate customs paperwork which was taken care by the other partner.  The entire project took 60 days to complete.