Inland Transportation of Over-Dimensions Cargo (ODC)

Transportation of ODC, particularly through Tanzania is a critical, sensitive, and expensive operation.
Think of a very realistic scenario: Moving Transformer (Length 6.60m x Width 3.65m x Height 4.65m
and Weight of 125tons), through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Lubumbashi, DRC; covering distance of
about 2200kms; passing through two transit countries. On the other hand, Road Regulations in
Tanzania allows(max): 50 tons for GVM of a Lowbed; Gross Height 5.30 m and Cargo weight 30 tons.
A reliable partner is a MUST for this type of operation.
Moving any piece of ODC involves government authorities, shipping lines, port authorities, and clients to
ensure timely and safe delivery; and that needs very high-level coordination. We are a reliable partner
from providing conceptual framework for possible solutions, issuance of competitive pricing, preparing
modus operandi and perform practical delivery. We guide, lead, and coordinate ODC movements among
various stakeholders. We can also provide additional services, such as processing of ODC permits, follow
up with authorities for Overweight Penalties, Conduct route survey, etc. These might turn mandatory
prior moving a piece of ODC.
We originate from transportation background for decades. We have been moving several ODC to
Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Malawi through various East Africa Sea ports.
We take transportation very important, and for that, our in-house trucking company of RHF Logistics
Tanzania Limited, takes care of transportation part. Our professional team will arrange and have your
cargo picked up, loaded, and safely transported to the destined site.
Safety, Visibility and Timelines are core of transportation. We closely monitor all the shipping process
and make sure your cargo will be delivered safely and on time. We share Daily Status Report (DSR) and
GPS link on truck positioning. If a customer requires additional service, such as survey of the shipment,
insurance over the cargo, etc.; we can arrange for the service on additional competitive charges.

Picture from library: Our in-house trucking company (RHF Logistics) on the field, transporting various ODC to several destinations.

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