Our life perseverance is dependent on customer services. We are obliged to support
customers towards reaching their goals in the most professional guidance that reduce
costs and cement endless relationships.
Logistics and supply chain management in general, is outrageously intricated. The
complexities have led to some serious daily cries such loss to money and cargoes,
failure to visibility and traceability of tiers, unforeseen and or increased cost,
unpredictable services standards, etc.
Customer Care is at the center of the periphery in the entire process of planning,
implementing, controlling, monitoring and reflection of the efficiency and standards of
service that meet customer requirements. We believe on customers care that create
solutions than challenges.
We have a dedicated Customers Relations and Retention team (CRR) that takes care
of imports, exports and transit consignments coming by air, sea, and road. The CRR
team exchanges challenges to solutions. Together with Sales Team, the CRR team
guides the clients through the entire supply chain process, from and onset to a very
point. The teams familiarize clients on the entire process to forecast challenges and
solutions. This is deliberately done to avoid last minutes snags hit.
The CRR team also provides customers with visibility of consignments. We daily share
status report (DSR) through emails and online platforms such as truck GPS, LogPro,
Cargo Trackers, etc.
We are growing steadily because of sustainable and reliable standards of customer
We are glad to welcome, to enjoy services of CRR team,

Welcome to BSM Global Logistics Tanzania Ltd