Picture from library: BGL assigned to handle Import Customs Clearance and Transportation of a
Charter Flight at the Julius Nyerere International Airport, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The cargo
was 90 tons of gas pipes for a pipeline project in Tanzania.

We comprehensively handle airfreight consignments from quotation stage to airlifting.
We move the cargoes to and from Tanzania to various parts of the world. Our airfreight
team is capable, experienced and dedicated to the tasks. It is always proactive and
ahead of the process to ensure smooth operations.
As formalities of world customs, there are mandatory documents required for customs
purposes, i.e., Air Waybill (AWB), Commercial Invoice (CI) and Packing List (PL).Optional documents are required depending on nature of the cargo. These includes,
but not limited to Agent’s Authorization Letter, Permits, and certificates from various
authorities such as from Chamber of Commerce, TCB, TMDA, TFDA, TBS, TASAC etc.;
and Exemption documents (where required); Certificate of Handling (Fumigation
Certificate), Dangerous Goods Declaration, etc.
We normally advice our reputable clients to ensure proper customs paperwork are
adhered to. We are always ready and ahead of the process where we guide on SOP’s;
and depending on kinds of good; we can advise exact mandatory documents required
to ensure stress-free customs clearance and delivery.

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